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HDIP provides daily income amount upon hospitalization as cash relief, for up to 60 days of hospitalization due to an accident.
HDIP has been designed to provide cash income during hospital stays as compensation for potential loss of earnings:


  1. Geographical coverage : Lebanon.
  2. Minimum age at enrollment is 18.
  3. Maximum age at enrollment and renewal is 65.
  4. HDIP is limited to 60 days of hospital confinement per year and is paid 100% for the first 30 days and 80% for the next 30 days.
  5. HDIP will cover accidents including work accident according to the decree number 136 of 16th September 1983 but will not cover illness or any accident due to an preexisting illness from the subscription date.
  6. HDIP will not cover accident due to suicidal attempt, drug or alcohol abuse (sober), active participation or involvement in any of the following events: war, acts of terror, warlike activities, civil strife and commotion, crimes and misdemeanors; any accident arising from the commission of a violation, misdemeanors, a crime or an illegal act.
  7. Upon entering the hospital the customer should sign a waiver of confidentiality;
  8. There will be two days of franchise. The customer will start receiving his daily amount of money starting the third day of stay at the hospital. Any customer entering the hospital for one or two days only, isn’t eligible for any payment
  9. The customer will be paid in cash on weekly basis
  10. HDIP is valid for one year from the subscription date.