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In the event of an accident or illness, having health insurance is an important decision if you can set yourself up with a plan that maintains the health and wellness of you and your family for minimal cost. Administrated by GlobeMed Lebanon, Lebanon’s leading TPA – AXA’s medical insurances cover your hospitalizations, doctor consultations and other medical risks. Our perpetual program is Lebanon’s most comprehensive health insurance coverage for individuals.

What are the benefits of medical insurance?

This complete insurance package is designed to meet the community’s diverse and ever changing needs. It offers different coverage options and variations to suit your budget and place of residence through a wide network of providers all over Lebanon, MENA region, and Worldwide.

What does it cover?

  • Unlimited financial coverage.
  • Medical expenses resulting from emergency cases and accidents including work related accidents.
  • All diagnostic Endoscopic and surgical procedures.
  • Prosthesis related to post traumatic accidents without financial limitation and up to USD30,000 if due to an illness including coronary stents.
  • Physiotherapy treatment related to a covered hospitalization.
  • Maternity benefits as of the first renewal including delivery, medically mandated abortion, miscarriage and epidural.
  • Morgue and burial expenses up to USD2,000 if the insured dies at the hospital.
  • Radiotherapy treatment including linear accelerator and chemotherapy.
  • Home care benefits.

Explore your plans with other benefits

Ambulatory Plan

The Ambulatory Plan is an optional rider to the Perpetual. It covers ambulatory and diagnostic tests performed on out-of-hospital basis.

What are the advantages of ambulatory plan?

    • The insured patient may use any laboratory, diagnostic or physiotherapy center within our network after consulting his/her attending physician.
    • With your magnetic access card, you can get your ambulatory or diagnostic tests performed at any of the nearest centers in our network.
    • The ambulatory network is directly linked to our network server thereby giving immediate access to the coverage and medical tests information database.
    • Entitlement to unlimited transactions per year.

Radiology, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, evoked potential, laboratory tests, nuclear medical tests, electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, electromyogram, audiogram, stress test, ocular angiography, Cardiac thallium scintigraphy, echocardiography, ambulatory electrocardiography, abdominopelvic ultrasound.

  • Laser therapy, physiotherapy, kinesitherapy.
  • • The insured patient will be required to pay 15% coinsurance of the services cost unless otherwise stipulated in the policy.


Prescription Medicine Benefit Plan

The Prescription Medicine Benefit Plan (PMB) is an optional rider to the Perpetual program.

What are the advantages of PMB plan?

  • With your magnetic access card, you can get your prescribed medicines from the nearest pharmacy in the network.
  • Cover for medications registered and approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Health and prescribed by your attending physician.
  • Entitlement to unlimited transactions per year.
  • Coverage for the great majority of vaccines recommended by the United States Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Easy access to the extensive GlobeMed Lebanon network of pharmacies strategically located throughout Lebanon, all of which are connected to our network
  • Eligibility to benefit from the Guaranteed Renewability feature, which entitles you to the Chronic Care program. This includes cover for medication of chronic illnesses such as: diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • The insured patient will contribute in 15% co-insurance of the medication cost unless otherwise stipulated in the policy.

Medical Consultation Coverage

The MD Plan is an optional rider to the perpetual program.

What are the advantages of MD plan?

  • It covers physicians’ consultation fees for clinic visits.
  • The insured patient may use the services of any physician within our network of physicians.
  • The network provides access to a wide variety of specialties conveniently located throughout Lebanon.
  • Medical consultation coverage within our network of physicians.
  • Surgery acts performed in the clinic.
  • In-clinic diagnostic services (i.e. Echography, EKG, covered at 85% under the Ambulatory Plan).
  • Vaccines performed in the clinic (covered at 85% under the PMB Plan).
  • 10 transactions insured per year.