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For those who seek more coverage
  • check Protection against theft, natural disasters and more
  • check Insure up to 3 staff members
  • check Full coverage against work accidents
  • check Upgrade your premises in all peace of mind

Fire and Allied Risks

We cover your premises against fires, explosions, lightning strikes, falling aircrafts, water damage, as well as natural hazards and others as needed.


In addition to your fire policy, we cover the contents of your premises against theft and hold-ups, on the entire contents or upon the first loss.


We offer an “all risks except” coverage on your premises based on the “London Market 7″ international conditions.

Civil Liability

To cover your liability to third parties, arising from injuries or damages for which you are held accountable, as a result of using your premises, as well as your liability as head of the household.
Workmen compensation

This covers your employees against work accidents, with extensions that may be offered to ensure you are protected with a full coverage.


We insure your goods against fire, sinking, damage caused by sea water and many other risks.
We cover full and /or partial loss, as well as the risks of loading and unloading.
Personal Robbery

This is an insurance coverage for your employees against personal robbery during the transportation of funds outside of your premises.



This is a cover against embezzlement committed by your employees.

Construction All Risks (CAR)

We offer you coverage for construction or renovation works, as well as on-site equipment. This coverage extends to cover your third party civil liability arising from the work in question.
This is a coverage that includes all concerned parties on site.

Erection All Risks (EAR)

This insurance coverage covers the installation of machinery, metal structures and the like, as well as your civil liability arising therefrom.


We offer you several other types of coverage, tailored to your needs, which we invite you to discover by calling your insurance broker in our offices.